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allaroundnerd asked:

As a fellow support main, any tips on Sona or Thresh? I think I am better as Sona, but have a lot of fun as Thresh. Either way, I think I understand warding pretty well (I tend to ward river and the bush closer to the enemy tower) but I have trouble adjusting my style based on the ADC. Some ADCs are able to secure kills due to high burst while some need to farm, and it feels like I should be doing more than just running around trying not to last hit minions.

As a support, your play style and skill kit isn’t your only tool when laning. Tell your adc what you think would be best if you don’t think they’re playing right. Against lucian you can tell them to be careful for his burst, or against caitlyn ask them to buy extra health pots to sustain the heavy poke lane. As for play style your auto attacks early on are a huge tool for winning early game. Watch the enemy laners, and if they step too close, or are out of position, toss out a small amount of harass. It all adds up in the end. Also be aware of the enemies runes/masteries and starting items. Against leona you expect her to be tanky, but if she starts coin, and has very low armor/magic resist in her runes and masteries, don’t be afraid to harass her, or even engage on her over the adc(of course do this reversely for the enemy adc). 


Anonymous asked:

Can you explain how to match your adc's playing styles better? Maybe with an example situation?

Well for an common example, say you have a very passive adc. The have a reason they’re playing passive, maybe they don’t have a good early game, or would rather farm up before fighting, you shouldn’t force any aggression on the enemy laners, or try to “make a play” because your adc might not follow up. If your adc is passive just poke the enemy laners when they get too close, start to play aggressive, or get stuck in a bad position, never go on the offensive and force your adc to change their play style quickly. You want to mimic your adc’s playstyle, but if you think that you’re better off playing aggressive (like if you were leona against sona or soraka) tell your adc before engaging. That situation can also be reversed, if you are the sona lane, and they have a leona or annie, tell your adc to play passive when annies stun is up or leona hits level 2, and try to survive the lane taking as little harass as possible until your jungler or midlaner arrives to practically guarantee success.

its-the-megavolve asked:

You main support? If so what pointers can you give to those who are second or third supports (like me).

Pay attention to how your adc, and the counterpart lane, play and match those play styles to increase your advantage. Also watch the enemy jungler when they enter and leave lanes, to try and predict where they’ll go next. When the enemy jungler enters your lane, take note of how he does it to counter ward next time. Always keep a pink ward up for sure as well. If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask ^^.

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